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  • Do you enjoy thinking deeply and asking tough questions?

  • Have you been challenged by a friend, family member, or coworker who's antagonistic toward your Christian faith?

  • Are you prepared for the day when your kids begin asking hard questions about God and the Bible?

  • Have high school teachers or college professors caused you to question your convictions?

  • Are you a ministry leader who's tired of seeing so many you serve deconstruct and leave the faith?

  • Are YOU on the edge of leaving the faith?


Christianity is True! is a 15-week introduction to contemporary Christian apologetics. While introductory, the content is college-level, and each week you'll be stretched to love the Lord with ALL your mind. The course is built to strengthen your walk with Christ, and through it, you will learn to defend your faith using reason and evidence.
1 Peter 3:15 tells us that we must be prepared to gently and respectfully defend the hope that is in us to anyone who asks us to give a reason for that hope. The Greek word translated "make a defense" in this verse is "ἀπολογίαν (apologian)" and refers to a logically-ordered and rational defense such as those given in a court of law. Are you prepared?


October 19 - Why Apologetics?
October 26 - Learning to Argue Well
November 2 - Knowing Vs. Showing
November 9 - The Absurdity of Life Without God
November 16 - The Universe Has a Cause Pt. 1

November 30 - The Universe Has a Cause Pt. 2
December 7 - Cosmic Design Pt. 1
December 14 - Cosmic Design Pt. 2
December 21- The Objectivity of Morality

January 4 - The Problem of Evil Pt. 1
January 11 - The Problem of Evil Pt. 2
January 18 - The Reliability of the Gospels

January 25 - Jesus’ Self-Understanding
February 1 - A Case for the Resurrection

February 8 - Defending Christianity in a Pluralistic Culture


Pastor Dave is, at heart, a teacher. Whether in a formal setting, behind the pulpit on

Sunday, around the dinner table with his family, or simply in conversation with a

friend, Dave loves to talk Bible, theology, philosophy, and history. A voracious

learner, he relishes the opportunity to help “the lightbulb go off” for others as their

minds are renewed to God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. Pastor Dave has over

12 years of vocational ministry experience and holds a degree in Evangelism &

Church Planting from North Central University. He has pastored SkyWater Church

in Shakopee, Minnesota since its inauguration seven years ago. Dave's beautiful wife

and four beautiful children are among his greatest joys.

Christianity is True!
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