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  • In Person:
    SkyWater Church, 911 Shakopee Ave East, Shakopee, MN 55379
  • Online:
    Live and includes opportunity for classroom interaction


  • The story God is telling through His people didn’t stop in Acts 28; it has continued for the last 2,000 years.
  • No idea or event in the Church exists in isolation. If you want to understand the present, you must understand the past.
  • Regardless of how “Bible-believing” one claims to be, we have all inherited a mass of traditions and assumptions that are exposed through the lens of history.
  • Much of Church history runs parallel with the history of the Western world, and an understanding of the Church helps us understand modern nations and current events.
  • Those genuine believers from every century and tradition are brothers and sisters in Christ, worthy of our honor and reflection.


2,000 Years of the Spirit is a 16-week introduction to Church history. While structured as an overview, we will address major events, developments, and ideas with enough substance to give you a true sense of understanding and help you see how it all connects. You will learn about both large-scale movements as well as the lives of individual Christians. We will consider theological and philosophical positions, discuss both successes and failures, conflicts, revivals, and miracles. We’ll even talk about the changes in Christian life and practice over the millennia. Most importantly, though, we will celebrate God working in and through His people, knowing that we are also part of that same grand story.


1March 7Intertestamental PeriodCanceled
2March 14Apostolic Age
3March 21Ante-Nicene Period Pt. 1
4April 4Ante-Nicene Period Pt. 2
5April 11Late Antiquity Pt. 1
6April 18Late Antiquity Pt. 2
-April 25(BREAK)
7May 2Early Middle Ages
8May 9High Middle Ages
9May 16Renaissance
10May 23Reformation Pt. 1
11May 30Reformation Pt. 2
-June 6(BREAK)
12June 13Enlightenment
13June 20Age of Revolution Pt. 1
14June 27Age of Revolution Pt. 2
15July 11Age of Globalization Pt. 1
16July 18Age of Globalization Pt. 2
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Meet Your Instructor

Pastor Dave is, at heart, a teacher. Whether in a formal setting, behind the pulpit on Sunday, around the dinner table with his family, or simply in conversation with a friend, Dave loves to talk Bible, theology, philosophy, and history. A voracious learner, he relishes the opportunity to help “the lightbulb go off” for others as their minds are renewed to God’s truth, goodness, and beauty. Pastor Dave has over 12 years of vocational ministry experience and holds a degree in Evangelism & Church Planting from North Central University. He has pastored SkyWater Church in Shakopee, Minnesota since its inauguration seven years ago. Dave's beautiful wife and four beautiful children are among his greatest joys.