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We believe in one God, Yahweh, revealed in Trinity; three Persons indivisible, coequal and coeternal. Our heavenly Father is one Person in the Triune Godhead. He is the Creator of all things visible and invisible and relates with His only-begotten Son and the believer as a loving father relates with his children.

God the Father

  We believe Jesus Christ, the only-begotten Son of God the Father, is one Person in the Triune Godhead. He was made incarnate through the Holy Spirit and virgin Mary, becoming fully man while retaining full Godhood. He lived a sinless life, demonstrating the nature of God’s kingdom fully expressed through a human being, was put to death for our sins, resurrected in victory over all demonic power, and is the Messiah, the King of kings, and the Lord of lords.

Jesus Christ

We believe the Holy Spirit is one Person in the Triune Godhead. He regenerates the believer at conversion and takes up residence within their heart, guiding and comforting them. He also abides upon the believer who has been baptized into Him, empowering them for ministry.

The Holy Spirit

  We believe God uniquely created humanity in His own image and gave them co-rulership over the earth and all of its inhabitants. All humans are in some sense God-like and deserving of honor and dignity. Humanity willfully chose to disobey God, empowering Satan to bring destruction to God’s creation, and introducing death to the human race. From that time, all of humanity has chosen sin, and faith in Christ’s work is the only hope for redemption.


We believe the Church consists of all of the redeemed and is both the family of God, in the sense of relationship, as well as the Body of Christ, in the sense of active agency. The earthly mission of the Church is to increase the borders of God’s kingdom, exhorting humanity to submit to the life-giving kingship of Jesus. The Church, while universal, partly expresses itself in localized assemblies facilitated by governors and leaders to effect its mission. In obedience to Christ, the Church administers and participates in two primary sacraments: Baptism and Communion.

The Church

 We believe Israel was uniquely called as God’s chosen people to be stewards of His revelation throughout history. Through Israel came the Law, which revealed to humanity the sinfulness of sin, as well as Jesus Christ, who made the way for humanity to be freed from sin. The Gentile believer is grafted into the commonwealth of believing Israel, and together, they eagerly anticipate the time when the Jewish people, as a whole, will put their faith in Jesus the Messiah.


We believe in the future return of Christ and the resurrection of the dead, wherefore Christ shall judge all of humanity. Those whose names He finds written in the Book of Life shall live everlastingly in new heavens and a new earth. Those whose names are not found in the Book of Life shall be eternally lost to the lake of fire and brimstone.

The Future

  We believe the Bible, consisting of the Old as well as the New Testament, to be divinely inspired and infallible. It chronicles the story of God and humanity’s relationship, is the final rule on all matters of faith and conduct, and equips the Church to perform her ministry.

The Bible

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